2011 Custom Bow Order Form Worksheet

    Reminder:  ALL orders must be called in to discuss options and specs !

 Once your Work order has been verified by return e-mail or postal mail and a deposit of 50% for All bows, $250 is non refundable on canceled orders . 50% deposit on Riser or limbs, $125 is non refundable on canceled orders.  Your order will be started After deposit has been received. Any and all changes must  be verified the same way. Keep a copy of your work order with all changes. Your Order will be filled to the specs of the last verified copy of the work order. Once your order is completed and ready for shipment You have 30 days to complete your payments in full before order is shipped. After 30 days you lose your deposit and bow will be sold as stock.

Contact Morrison Archery at 740-587-0368

Note:  Ohio Residents MUST add 7% Sales Tax

All bows come standard with Black glass limbs, fiberglass tips, D10 8 strand Double Served bow string. Standard Core is  Maple.

All Prices INCLUDE Federal Excise Tax

Enter model name, standard bow price, and cost of additional options. The worksheet is “printer friendly”, and needs to be on hand when you make your call to finalize your order with Bob Morrison. All custom orders must be made by phone to insure that there are no surprises with your order!

(Lead Time 3-6 months)  


Standard Bow Price

Right or Left Handed

Draw Length & Poundage # at your draw Length

Indicate Bow Length (call for recommendation or use CHARTS)

Glass Options

Limb Options:

Grip Type

Shooting Style

Longbow, Recurve, & ILF  Riser Wood Options:Action wood(standard)

Other and Exotics Woods


Accent Stripes Flare Same wood


Antler Overlay add $60.00

Half Pine Cone or Full Pine Cones Carving

Extra Shawnee or Cheyenne Limbs

Antler Tips  on Limbs add $35.00 (Call for other options: Kudu, etc.)

Limb Bolts

Decorator Laminations:


Backing Wood Overlay add $95.00

Facing Wood Overlay add $95.00

Snake Skin Backing:


Eastern/Western Diamondback, or Canebrake, Copperhead

Bow Stringer


Shipping & Insurance (all bows)  Add $25.00

Order Total


Specs on Metal Risers



Stock Bows