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About Us:

Morrison is a family owned business, and we share a passion for bowhunting and traditional archery with our customers. We specialize in custom ILF risers and our signature high performance super curve limbs, the MAX6. Our founder, Bob Morrison was a true pioneer, maximizing speed and efficiency while also maintaining forgiveness and silence.  He laid the groundwork for what we do today. Our mission here at Morrison Archery is simple. We seek to provide the best quality equipment for diehard bowhunters and archers who demand a lot from their gear.

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My Story

I'm Jake Scott, and I'm the owner and bowyer of Morrison Archery. I am a native of western North Carolina and a proud southern Appalachian. I was blessed to be raised outdoors, and traditional archery has been my passion for almost 20 years.  I'll hunt anything that I can, but whitetails have been my preferred quarry for as long as I can remember. I operate Morrison Archery with my wife, Becca, and my two children Maclean and Bennett.

Lets talk:

We love to talk bowhunting and archery, give us a call.


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