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Custom Hunts

  Our goal: to provide tailored hunting experiences for traditional archers who respect and value all of God's creation.

     Paid hunts are often characterized by an extreme amount of micro-management. We are offering a different type of experience, with low hunting pressure, flexible hunts, and no gun hunting. We want you to enjoy your hunt and the property in any way you like, within ethical and reasonable limits. 

     Our services include:

  • Stand and blind provided (bring your own stand, if desired)

  • Still-walk hunt opportunities

  • Monitored trail cameras

  • Help with field dressing (if desired)

  • Tracking assistance (if desired)

  • Cold storage for meat

  • Help with lodging (hotels and restaurants within 20 min.)

  • Please ask if we can assist you in any other way

Prices start at $150 per person, per day. Call for details: 740-618-0259

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