Installing Your Limbs

Instructions for installing ILF Limbs on the Morrison ILF Riser


 1.      Start the limb bottom end under the limb bolt washer while putting the alignment pin in alignment slot in the limb pocket at the same time, and slide limb bolt into limb bolt slot on the limb. Repeat for the other limb.

 2.     Tighten both limb bolts down just snug. This will be your maximum poundage.


 3.     String the bow. Pull the string 2-3” and let go to seat limbs, Repeat at 5”. Limbs should now be seated properly, you should hear a snap, but not always.


 4.     You can adjust the tiller by turning the top or bottom bolt to get the desired tiller you want. Split normally is 3/16” less on the bottom limb, 3 under is normally even. Adjustment can be made with the bow strung.


 5.     To change poundage , loosen or tighten limb bolts the same number of turns. For minimum poundage loosen bolt maximum 5 turns (exceeding 5 turns voids your warranty). Maximum is snug down and back off ¼ turn. 1 turn is approximately 1 pound. Repeat step #4.


Never tighten bolts down with out limbs mounted. You may break out the belly of your riser with the bolt bottoming out in the wood...