Warranty Information

 Workmanship and Materials are guaranteed to the original owner for 3 years.

                          1st year: 100% on repair, replacement or refund at the discretion of the bowyer.


 2nd and 3rd year: if repairs cannot be made, replacement will be prorated from the date of purchase.

 Repair, replacement, or refund at the discretion of the bowyer.


Any of the following will VOID warranty:

If you abuse or alter the bow in any way


Never leave your bow strung in direct sunlight, in a car, truck, a truck cab, or any place that is hot or humid!

ILF Limbs Recommendations : 

If Risers 15” or less have limb pad angles less and 17 degree. 17” less then 15 degree. Ask your riser manufacturer about this angle.

ILF Riser & Limb Combinations

Bow Length/Draw Length